Southern CA – The Rant

Camping in California is difficult. And expensive. There’s this romantic idea about beach camping: pulling off the road close enough to the ocean to taste the salt and hear the rumbling waves, you turn off your car, set up camp as the sun sets on the edge of the world, crack open a beer and … Read More

California Birthday

My birthday was the best day. We’d camped in Morro Bay at the State Beach campground and woke up to a bright, still morning. The bay was glassy and mirrored the sky – uninterrupted blues batted against anchored, sleeping boats and we grabbed the paddle boards so we could float around on the silence. As … Read More

Hiking in Sedona

Sedona is beautiful. It’s red and rocky and dry but not overly dusty or aching for water – there’s green in the cacti and snow on the highest hills. The town is nestled under these enormous, towering bluffs that interrupt the skyline with chunky, crimson, perfect lines. Halfway between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, twelve … Read More

A Major Online Purchase

The decision to buy a van and make it our roaming home was easy. Purchasing the van proved to be a little more … difficult. This began with deciding what type of vehicle we actually wanted. At first, Andrew was all about 4×4. We searched for Ford Econoline vans, specifically 7.3-liter diesel with the Quigley … Read More