Reading in Western MA

We’re in Western Massachusetts where spring is just beginning to  … spring. Daffodils sprawl along driveways in a hushed, settled community – yellow and white and sometimes both, hinting at the bright season to come. But for now the air still bites when it rushes through the thick stretches of trees, brushing new leaves against … Read More

Fighting the Wind on the Rio

The Rio Grande acts as the border between the US and Mexico. So, if we were to paddle down the middle of the river, we’d be straddling two countries at the same time, right? Great travelers on a grandiose quest, existing in two distinct parts of the world all at once … Right. So let’s … Read More

Finding Nico

Finding the perfect adventure-mobile was a process to say the least. And really I’m not sure there is a “perfect” adventure-mobile. There’s a give and take to any vehicle you choose. For the longest time I was hooked on the Ford Econoline 7.3L Diesel 4×4 regular wheel base vans with a sportsmobile conversion. We almost pulled the … Read More

Marfa Marfa Marfa

It’s quiet here. There’s no traffic – hardly any cars to speak of. No trains barrel down the rusty tracks that cross through town. People enter buildings without so much as a squeak and the doors never slam. Even construction noise on the new hotel is muted – slowing the progress, maybe. On purpose, maybe, … Read More

Hatchet Technique

Please adhere to proper hatchet usage guidelines at all times. Please remember that a hatchet is not an axe. The head on your hatchet – you know, the sharp end – is much closer to your person than that on an axe. And please, just in case, carry a first aide kit. Bumpas just completed … Read More


In 2005 I took a chance on myself and moved to Galway, Ireland to study abroad. While “studying,” traveling and generally causing a ruckus I met some really, truly amazing people. We found ourselves constantly together, having chosen Ireland for the same general reasons: a new scenery for discovery of the world and of ourselves, … Read More

Southern CA – The Rave

It’s about time. And sunset. *** Despite trouble sleeping, our time in Southern California was great. We drove in through San Diego, rode the Pacific Coast Highway as far north as Morro Bay then south again and east into the desert. We saw friends and made friends, bummed around beaches and hot springs and ate … Read More