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No Smoking

We have Colorado license plates on Nico the Van; this clearly means we’re carrying drugs.

At least that appears to be what people think. These have been our most memorable experiences (so far):


We were pulled over by a State Trooper a little bit outside of Hot Springs. When the officer approached the driver’s side window he hurriedly explained that we were going just “a little” too fast and that we’d taken a turn incorrectly – we’d hit it too wide and went over some double yellow lines (or something). Drivers license, registration, proof of insurance checked —> we were let off with a warning. But before he let us go the officer had one more question: “Do you have any of that Colorado weed in there?” Basically, we’d been pulled over for having CO plates, but Bumpas has a clean driving record and the officer couldn’t find reasonable cause to search the van. Wonder what he would have thought of our stash of Goldfish Crackers …


We spent a good 40 minutes trying to get into Canada over the Vermont border. First we played 20 Questions, then we were asked to pull to the side and remain in our vehicle. Then we got out of the van and stood against the wall while she was searched. We were then asked to come inside the building where we were asked more questions – where else had we lived, other than Colorado? How much money were we carrying in cash? How much money did we have in our bank accounts? When are you going back to Colorado? Then we hung out in the waiting room while the officer digitally delved into our recorded pasts. They’re not very interesting.

Cape Cod, MA

A group of fisherman walked behind our campsite on their way to the water. Noticing our Colorado license plates we got, “Oh, Colorado, we’ve heard about you. Did you bring us any gummy bears?” Well, yes – we always travel with Haribo Gold-Bears, but that’s not what they were looking for.

Asheville, NC

This has nothing to do with license plates, but as we were walking down the street we got cat called: “Heeeey, where’s the weeeeeed at? SinckerSnickerSnickerSnicker” C’mon, Bro. You should know better than to end a sentence with a preposition.

We don’t smoke pot. Seriously. We’re not just saying that because we know Mom will read this (hi, Mom!). We don’t smoke – it’s just not our thing. And we have nothing against it. In fact, having weed be legal in Colorado has done wonderful things for the economy. Great. We’re just tired of worrying about getting pulled over. It’s annoying.

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  1. Victoria Smith

    I was wondering if that had been an issue for you. G and I are always nervous driving across Kansas into OK for this exact reason. Good thing you two are so squeaky clean 😉

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