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We do a lot of driving.

Well, we do a lot of exploring and general hanging out, but we have to get there somehow.

The way to “there” is certainly scenic and sometimes stunning. We have “oh, wow” moments and remark on how unreal it is to watch the landscape change so dramatically. Or the weather – like when Wyoming tried to run us off the road with high-speed winds, solar-panel-threatening hail and sheets of rain Nico’s windshield wipers just couldn’t quite keep up with.

But when we’re not trying to outrun the wind or having the existential conversations we clearly have everyday … … … we listen. To Podcasts or music and usually both.

Fave Podcasts:

Radiolab — Obscure subjects and rare tales are researched and retold on this truly intelligent show. It’s light or heavy and serious or funny and surprising and just so good.

Two Dope Queens  — These ladies are seriously funny, and so are their friends. We legitimately laugh out loud, a lot, every single episode.

Dirtbag Diaries — Campfire tales by outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, travelers, people who want to genuinely live their lives and are finding new ways to do so. We can relate.

New Yorker Fiction — Nerd alert. Great authors reading short stories by other great authors who inspire them? Say no more.

Invisibilia — We discovered this Cast through a Radiolab episode and are grateful for collaborations. It “explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.” When a caterpillar forms its chrysalis, for instance, and becomes a butterfly, what exactly happens in-between? This, then, is used as an analogy for particular human behaviors. It’s neat.

Snap Judgement — A series of vignettes with a theme and a beat. Stories are recounted by those who experienced them, usually firsthand, sometimes live on stage, and set to subtle but expressive sound that propels a thematic mood through the narration.

Serial — We’ve listened to both seasons of Serial. Both stories. They’re gripping. And a little shocking. It’s really, really good journalism that provokes thought and discussion and emotional reaction. We’re anxious to see what the third season will cover.

Apparently we really like being told stories.

Musical Interludes:

Thank the stars for Satellite Radio. We’ve tried to listen to regular music radio broadcasts since making the switch, and it’s painful. We generally find ourselves tuned into SIRIUS XMU. It’s our style, obviously, and it does some cool things to switch up the sound.

Blog Radio features guest DJs that are super plugged into the music scene and play some weird things we’d probably never hear anywhere else. We particularly like when My Old Kentucky Blog and Brooklyn Vegan are on air.

Sessions brings in artists for stripped-down performances and interviews. The contemporary bands always do one cover song at the end of the show and it’s interesting to hear what they choose, and why.

The best is Coconut Radio, when Jason Schwartzman (eep!) takes over the station once a month. Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has a show, too. So does Julian Casablancas of the Strokes. Pretty neat.

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