Chapter One

***We’re sitting in the front seats, watching out the windshield as the gray clouds roll and rumble, pregnant with rain. It’s a clear view of the sky, despite the screen of bugs we’d smashed driving through the midwest. Lightning flashes in front of us and we can hear the wild reeds bending, submissive, into the churning lake behind us. But we’re safe here in Nico. It’s quiet, but for the first drops of rain, and the wind barely rocks us.

It’s the last night, the last page in Chapter One of our Wander Boldly journey. We’re reminiscing over where we’ve been, nostalgic already. And we’re planning the miles ahead.

Tomorrow we’ll be back in For Collins, called home by invitations to celebrate the love and marriages of friends and family. A brief intermission, then – a Colorado interlude.***

It feels like AGES ago that I wrote this, wine on the dashboard in my plastic dinosaur cup (Stegosaurus, Bumpas has the T-Rex), phone in one hand to keep an eye on the radar. We were in Nebraska at Lake Ogallala. We’d camped here once before, at the beginning of our search for the perfect Sprinter van, so it’s fitting that we’d find an ending here as well.

We drove 13,000 miles in Chapter One, the end of January to the beginning of June. We went coast to coast, south and midwest, then zig-zagged our way back. That’s a lot of miles. It’s a lot of detours and surprises and scenic highways; a lot of beauty to take in. And a lot of selfies (let’s be honest). In Chapter Two we’ll find ourselves slowing down a bit – we think. We’ll really dig into where we roll and spend more time in each place.

That’s the idea, anyway. There’s still so much to see, so many places to be.

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