succulent sunset

Loaded Questions Vol. 2

“Where all have you been? Did you plan a route?” HA! Bwaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! A route … no. But that’s funny. First, where have we been? Up, down, west, east, coast to coast to the Great Lakes to the Gulf. It would take a couple hours to go through all the places we’ve been, scenic byways we’ve … Read More

waterfall in OR

Loaded Questions Vol. 1

“So, what do you do all day?” We drive. All the time. Gotta see the world … That’s a dirty rotten lie. We try to avoid long driving days if we can, preferring to get “somewhere” and then go outside to play. We do a lot of things, really. Stand up paddle boarding, for instance, … Read More

Sawtooth Storm Shot


Did I ever tell you about the time we were robbed? For real, Nico was broken into. In the driveway. While we were in the house. Yes, we’d left the door unlocked – our fault. But according to my favorite lawyer-brother it still counts. Anyway. Here’s what was stolen: LifeProof Fre iPhone case — waterproof … Read More

Nico the Van at the Tetons

Daily Entertainment

We do a lot of driving. Well, we do a lot of exploring and general hanging out, but we have to get there somehow. The way to “there” is certainly scenic and sometimes stunning. We have “oh, wow” moments and remark on how unreal it is to watch the landscape change so dramatically. Or the … Read More

SUP Sanibel FL

Beached II

Beached. Yes. But let me say this about that: on Sanibel Island, it really wasn’t all that bad. There are still loads of things to do on the island, fully functioning limbs or not. With a few ultra-adhesive bandages and layers of CoBand to keep it in place (just in case) you can: Stand Up … Read More

Florida Sunset


Beached. Like a whale. Blistering and stinking in the sweltering Florida summer sun … Here’s a little piece of advice: when you’re in Florida, especially on Sanibel “Shell Island” in Florida, wear your damn sandals in the water. There we were, playing Splat Ball in the bath-water-warm Gulf, inching further and further out to the … Read More

CO Cottonwood Pass

Colorado Interlude

Nico’s not from here. Colorado, anyway. If you’ll recall, we had her shipped (like a mail-order bride) from Virginia. So over the past several weeks – while in our own home state – we’ve taken the opportunity to show Nico around. After an extended stop in Fort Collins to catch up with family and friends … Read More


Chapter One

***We’re sitting in the front seats, watching out the windshield as the gray clouds roll and rumble, pregnant with rain. It’s a clear view of the sky, despite the screen of bugs we’d smashed driving through the midwest. Lightning flashes in front of us and we can hear the wild reeds bending, submissive, into the … Read More

Newport Nico

No Smoking

We have Colorado license plates on Nico the Van; this clearly means we’re carrying drugs. At least that appears to be what people think. These have been our most memorable experiences (so far): Arkansas We were pulled over by a State Trooper a little bit outside of Hot Springs. When the officer approached the driver’s … Read More

Shakespeare Print

Reading in Western MA

We’re in Western Massachusetts where spring is just beginning to  … spring. Daffodils sprawl along driveways in a hushed, settled community – yellow and white and sometimes both, hinting at the bright season to come. But for now the air still bites when it rushes through the thick stretches of trees, brushing new leaves against … Read More