ali_andrewWe met at work – Bumpas was a web developer and Ali was working in social media marketing. We’d both been there for ages, but in 2015 our paths started crossing on purpose. After about 4 weeks of dating we took a trip to Oregon and realized we were excellent travel partners. 2 weeks later Ali fell (understatement of the century) while snowboarding and broke both of her wrists. Fairly helpless while in double casts for 10 weeks, Bumpas didn’t run the other way. Instead, we got to know each other realllllly well, moved in together and started dreaming.

Bumpas had been itching for a simpler path and life on the road for some time. He’d even asked Ali early on how she’d feel about living out of his truck, on the beach, with him and the dog. The answer was an emphatic “yes, please.” And Ali, being laid up for what felt like forever, had ample opportunity to think about time, what’s important and maybe, just maybe finding a way to slow the seconds down by filling them with something … else.

So we bought a van, named her Nico and built her into a home. We’re out for adventure, pursuing the sun, hoping to learn as much as we can as we explore.

We’re documenting our rolling life here, on Instagram at @wanderboldly and on Twitter as @wander_boldly. We’re also “wanderboldy” on Snapchat and @wander_boldly on Periscope if you’d like to follow along!

And, if you’re interested in having some work done by a couple of traveling freelancers, we’d love to hear from you. Web development, social media consulting, copy writing and editing – hit us up!

“There was no place to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars…”

Ali and Bumpas